Colop Stamps   Shiny Stamps  
Stamp Name Size Stamp Name Size
Colop 10 26mm x 10mm STP 10 30mm x 10mm
Colop 15 69mm x 10mm STP 15 70mm x 10mm
Colop 20 38mm x 14mm STP 20 38mm x 14mm
Colop 25 75mm x 15mm STP 25 75mm x 15mm
Colop 30 47mm x 18mm STP 30 47mm x 18mm
Colop 40 59mm x 23mm STP 35 50mm x 30mm
Colop 50 69mm x 30mm STP 40 58mm x 22mm
Colop 53 45mm x 30mm STP 50 65mm x 30mm
Colop 55 60mm x 40mm STP 54 50mm x 40mm
Colop 60 76mm x 37mm STP 55 64mm x 40mm
    STP 60 75mm x 38mm

Ink Colours:
Black, Blue, Red, Violet and Green

Our self inking stamps are custom manufactured to your requirements. Click here to download our self inking stamp order form. 

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